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When God was young

When:  30.11.2017 - 25.02.2018

Where:  Ural Vision Gallery, Hungary, Budapest


UVG Art Gallery presents the first solo show of Russian emerging artist Irina Drozd in Budapest. The exhibition “When God was young” is curated by senior researcher and appointed curator of contemporary art exhibitions in Russian State Hermitage museum Dimitry Ozerkov. “Drozd creates new mythology by old pictorial media. Myth enchants her with the shortest stopping time, the pause, the key delay before the cathartic splash of the World Bang. From year to year Drozd investigates motive of this sinister feast that is particularly Shakespearean in her paintings and drawings. She turns to this motive again and again as it is an obsession that she could not resist”. *The new pictorial series continue to study eternal matters of creation and balance between light and dark side. “All beasts and other characters from her paintings involved in some kind of anticipation. It’s hard to describe their activities. It’s likewise a “holy conversation”, sacra conversazione of blissful habitants of Heaven. Holy martyrs and venerable hierarchs sit on either sites of Eternal the Virgin Mary, having a privilege to have an endless hasteless conversation. But in the paintings by Irina Drozd there is no the Virgin Mary and the conversation is not holy. Some other gods are eating the world. Or God of the originating world?”.* Irina Drozd is the emerging Russian artist. Her art practice always explores basics of human nature and relationships in social groups. She attended art schools from an early age and studied at the St. Petersburg State Academy of Art and Design, faculty of monumental and decorative painting, and the Higher Art School in Berlin. She has exhibited in numerous galleries and museums in St. Petersburg as well as beyond, including solo exhibits in Zurich and Moscow and group exhibitions in Paris and in The Netherlands.

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