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Sky Mirror. Anish Kapoor

When:  28.08.2010 - 28.08.2010

Where:  Hermitage, Saint-Petersburg, Russia


A monumental work Celestial Mirror by Anish Kapoor, a British artist of Hindu origin, is displayed in the Grand Courtyard of the Winter Palace. Anish Kapoor was born in 1954 in Bombay. In early 1970s the future artist moved to London to study art at Hornsey College of Art and Chelsea School of Art Design. Today Anish Kapoor is working in London. The sculptor became famous in 1980s. Kapoor was one of the members of the movement New British sculpture, a group of sculptors that also included Tony Cragg, Bill Woodrow and Richard Deacon. In 1990 Anish Kapoor decorated the British pavilion of the Venetian Biennale; in 1991 he received the Turner Prize. In 1999 he was elected a member of the Royal Academy of Art, London. Kapoor’s early works are usually simple, with curved lines, monochromatic and brightly colored. In his early period, Anish Kapoor coated sculptures and the floor around them by a powder colorant which was inspired by reminiscences of India’s market and temple buildings. Later he applied the stone and complicated forms. His latest works are based on the effect of reflection and refraction. The Celestial Mirror sculpture, exhibited in the Grand Courtyard of the Winter Palace, represents a huge steel polished semi-sphere that reflects sky, clouds and curved facades of the Hermitage. The exposition is arranged with the support of JT International in cooperation with the British Council.

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