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Lee Ufan. The Cane of Titan

When:  16.03.2016 - 09.10.2016

Where:  Great Courtyard of the Winter Palace, Hermitage, Saint-Petersburg, Russia


The Modern Art Department presents the show of The Cane of Titan by the minimalist Japanese (Korean) artist Lee Ufan staged as part of the “Sculpture in the Courtyard” project. In the 1960s, Lee Ufan was one of the founders and most active participants of the first Mono-ha (“School of Things”) movement. Opposed to the production of new things the artists made their artworks of already existing objects. The Cane of Titan manifests a search for balance between two different, inimical to one another, matters. Lee Ufan mostly uses two materials, stone and steel, which reflect the difference between nature and industry, yin and yang. Opposed to one another they are yet inseparably linked.

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