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Сreativity and Daydream. Korean Eye 2020: Contemporary Korean Art

When:  25.03.2020 - 23.08.2020

Where:  Contemporary art of the General Staff Building, Hermitage, Saint-Petersburg, Russia


The State Hermitage Museum is delighted to present the exhibition Creativity and Daydream. Korean Eye 2020: Contemporary Korean Art. It continues a series of projects in which group exhibitions of young artists from different countries are shown in the State Hermitage.

After showing American, British and Japanese masters, the Hermitage turns to South Korean art. The exhibition invites viewers to get acquainted with a phenomenon almost unknown to the Russian public: the contemporary South Korean art scene.

The exhibition has collected works by 16 artists, including Gosari, Young In Hong, Lee Youngbaek, Sekyung Lee, Doowon, Cody Choi, Jungho Oak, Baek Jungki, Won Woo Lee, Da In Park, Eunha Kim, Hoyeon Kang, Kwantaeck Park, Lee Youngbaek , Meekyoung Shin,Park Miock and Yoonsuk Choi. The exhibition will bring together works in such different genres as installation, performance, painting, sculpture, ceramics, embroidery, video art and photography. All works have been created over the past few years and will be presented in Russia for the first time.

One of the most relevant topics of contemporary South Korean art is the research of Korean traditions and images of Western culture, the relationships and differences between them. There is a great interest in artists who prefer to use unusual materials and techniques: for example, a series of Sekyung Lee’s porcelain plates decorated with patterns made of real human hair will be on a display at the exhibition; Doowon's Triptych, painted on fabrics and carpets found on his travels; Eunha Kim's installation , assembled from discarded clothing.

The exhibition of Сontemporary art by South Korean artists will be presented in the halls of Contemporary art of the General Staff Building as part of the Hermitage 20/21 project in cooperation with PCA (Parallel Contemporary Art) and Saatchi Gallery presented by Hana Bank. It coincides with the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Russia and South Korea.

Following the exhibition at the State Hermitage, the exhibition will travel to Saatchi Gallery in autumn and finally to Seoul in winter 2020.

The curators of the exhibition are Dr. Dmitry Ozerkov, Head of the Contemporary Art Department, the State Hermitage Museum; Serenella Сiclitira, CEO and Founder, PCA; Philippa Adams, Head Curator and Director, Saatchi Gallery; Anastasia Garnova, Researcher, the Contemporary Art Department, the State Hermitage Museum.

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